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At M2B, we help customers manage the risks of everyday life. We aim to be the premier insurance
agency committed to providing personalized insurance review and analysis services that meet our
client’s needs, including tailored boutique services for large and complex customer segments.

I have known Marcela Connor for almost four years as not only a business associate, but a leader and also a friend.  Her personal morals and integrity are what make her such an outstanding person.  She is extremely dedicated to her work as well as the education and knowledge that come with it.  Marcela is a very passionate and takes pride in all her work. She has always been a team player with the ability to motivate everyone around her. I would highly recommend Marcela as a business professional for any insurance needs.  She will be a great asset to anyone!

Heather Benz

Underwriter, Jencap Insurance Services

I have worked with Marcela Connor at Burns & Wilcox and Jencap Insurance encompassing nearly 10 years. During this time I have
become familiar with her on a professional and personal level. These last 10 years have shown that she is exceedingly competent in everything that she endeavors toward. She has expertise in multiple areas of insurance but especially with commercial property and cyber liability. She is attentive to all of her clients providing an unparalleled level of customer service which is nearly impossible to find anywhere else. I highly recommend Marcela, with her as your risk management advisor at the helm, you will definitely feel your assets and real property are very protected.

Amanda McClure

Senior Underwriter, Jencap Insurance Services

I have known Marcela for 4 years. Marcela has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and ambition. She is definitely a leader rather than a follower. She has proved her leadership ability by assembling a great team of employees that work as a cohesive team and have great comradery. Her good judgment and mature outlook ensure a logical and practical approach to all of her endeavors. Marcela would be a wise choice as an insurance agent and provide confidence and comfort in knowing she has your best interest at heart. I am happy to give Marcela my wholehearted endorsement.

Melanie Yount

Underwriter, Jencap Insurance Services

Marcela Connor is the consummate professional. Marcela worked for me as the Vice President of Genesee General Insurance in Charlotte, NC. During that time, she was an exceptional leader, caring, smart and proven winner. Marcela always displays the highest degree of ethical behavior. As your insurance agent, it is the most critical component you should demand. Her insurance knowledge is exceptional. I give Marcela my highest recommendation to be your insurance agent.

Roger Ware, ARM Retired

Former President and CEO, Genesee General Insurance

I have known Marcela Connor for over 10 years. As the President of Southeastern Insurance Inc. I have relied on her underwriting expertise and assistance since the beginning of our working relationship and have come to know the many positive qualities that define Marcela.

She has always been motivated and hardworking in her business pursuits and her knowledge of the insurance industry is unquestionably one of the best. Her achievements reflect not only her expertise but also her work ethic and professionalism. She is accessible and willing to put in the extra time needed to get the job done.

Marcela has excellent interpersonal skills as well. She easily establishes a strong rapport with others and is fully capable of explaining the most difficult of policies in such a way that the least experienced clients would understand.

I am confident that Marcela’s skills and experience would be an asset to any organization.

Patricia Griffith

President, Southeastern Insurance Inc

Marcela is a personable, involved, and energetic facilitator. It is obvious that she is passionate about education, and wants her audience to walk away feeling confident about what they’ve learned.

Lindsay Holland

I have had the opportunity to work with Marcela on various committees and we teamed up to co-facilitate a multi-day property and casualty course.  She is very knowledgeable about the insurance business and is extremely focused on helping her customers and building solid relationships with her carrier partners.

Chris Behymer, CPCU, ASLI, CIW

Director, Client Education